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Activision announces three-day Call of Duty fan expo scheduled for September

By Shawn Knight
Jun 9, 2016
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  1. Activision has revealed plans to host a Call of Duty XP fan expo in Los Angeles this September. Attendees will get the opportunity to go hands-on with the next Call of Duty game well ahead of its November release date and much more.

    This is only the second time ever that Activision has hosted such an event. The first, also dubbed Call of Duty XP, took place in and around a 12-acre hangar in Los Angeles over the span of two days in 2011.

    Call of Duty XP 2016 will offer fans the chance to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer mode, the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer mode remastered for modern systems and the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC at one of 500 gameplay stations.

    The event will also play host to the Call of Duty World League Championship finals and introduce the first Call of Duty VR experience which will also be available to try out via PlayStation VR.

    Other features and activities include paintball on a life-sized Call of Duty: Black Ops Nuketown map, a zombies-inspired laser tag experience, dedicated developer panels and Q&A sessions, an on-site Call of Duty armory and franchise museum, photo booths and a surprise musical guest. Dropkick Murphys and Kanye West performed live at the 2011 XP event.

    Tickets go on sale June 12 at 4:00 am Australian Eastern Standard Time and will be offered at three pricing levels: $49 for a general admission two-day pass, $129 for a pass, the digital legacy edition of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and a care package with exclusive swag or $199 which gets buyers scheduled activities, a VIP line for activities and gameplay, player meet-and-greets, access to the VIP lounge, a parking pass, premium seating for the reveal and championships, a digital deluxe edition of the game and a care package.

    Tickets will likely go quick so if you’re interested, I wouldn’t waste any time. The event runs from September 2 through the 4th.

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  2. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,178   +703

    Last ditch effort to save the COD pre-orders? nobody expected fans to respond with their wallets.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,078   +344

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if almost no one showed up?

    Mommy and daddy probably will though for their spoiled brat of a child.

    Ugh. CoD needs to go away. It had its run...
  4. Dennyy

    Dennyy TS Rookie

    Sounds juicy.

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