Ad-Aware Updates

By Redsolitaire
Jan 1, 2006
  1. Man, what a week I had. First, Proxy-Agent, then Spyaxe and a hijacked IE start page. I shifted to Firefox and ran McAfee and Spybot, which were helpful, but Ad-Aware wasn't. I've been checking for updates for Ad-Aware all last week, but nothing. Is this normal? Spybot and McAfee seem to have frequent updates. but a week without an update from Ad-Aware makes me wonder if the free version isn't worth much? Maybe all my virus killing screwed something up? Should I uninstall and download it again?
  2. Feisty49

    Feisty49 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I use Ad-Aware SE Plus, and I noticed the past week or so that there were no updates coming through... that is until yesterday. Maybe "they" took the holiday off on vacation? :stickout:
  3. ThomasNews

    ThomasNews TS Rookie

    It's Christmas, they were probably off. Besides, if the others are all updated you've not much need to worry if Ad-Aware's off for 2 weeks.
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