Add/Remove screen shows no text

By LPent
Oct 23, 2004
  1. Hi,

    I noticed recently (after installing SP2?? I'm not sure) that the 4 buttons on the left-hand side of the add/remove screen no longer disply the text (just the icon). Can this be fixed?

  2. bushwhacker

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    Welcome to the TechSpot LPent!

    No, What you have noticed a just 4 buttons and a text is that you does not have any applications or programs installed. I think SP2 replaced the entire registrys. I am using a old version of Windows XP Pro with SP1, it running great. (v2001.04.04 Build 2600) I am no expert on Window XP. Try contact with microsoft and ask the expert there. Thanks.
  3. LPent

    LPent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi bushwhacker,

    Thanks for the warm welcome :)
    I have absolutely no problems running SP2. This particular "problem" is only an esthetic one. I know what the four buttons are for, it's just that I dislike the fact that they no longer have any text on them. I have no service contract with MS and I am sure they won't answer such an unimportant question :rolleyes:
  4. netmanwa

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    Check your display settings...

    I had a similar problem and discovered that the "brick" selection in the Appearance tab caused the buttons to not display text. I changed to another selection (any will do to try this) and the text then appeared on the buttons. When I went back to "brick" the text again was gone. Hope this helps!
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