Add TIF option to Print to File

By Vigilante
Jun 16, 2005
  1. Not sure if this forum can handle this question, maybe it's a programing question?

    But I have a system that I need to add a new option to the save as box of a Print To File dialog.
    In other words, you go to print from any application and check the "Print to File" option. Then in the resulting save box, my only options are *.PRN and all files *.*.
    I need to add the option of *.TIF.

    This doesn't need any fancy converters or anything, because apparently a TIF and a PRN are interchangable. If I save to a PRN and just rename it to TIF, it still opens in preview window fine. I just need the option to have it automatically add ".tif" to the filename.

    I know this can be done because the TIF option use to be there! And now it isn't. And it's to much of a hassle to create a PRN and rename it. Or to set it to *.* and put the tif extension in the name box.

    I did some registry searching but can't seem to find a place to add an option in there.

    any takers? thanks
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