Advertising getting a bit invasive?

By Rick
Apr 17, 2003
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  1. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 4,573   +65

    Thanks a lot, Julio! Not seeing these things pop up will make my experience here more the pleasurable.
  2. negroplasty

    negroplasty TS Maniac Posts: 516   +12

    Yeah, Thanks much Julio, you saved me from pulling out what little hair I have left!! Keep up the good work :grinthumb !!!!
  3. Sarge

    Sarge TS Rookie

    Use "NoAds." Problem Solved.
    Don't like that I block pop-ups? You can ...
  4. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 6,905   +543

    Sarge, control your language or be banned... simple as that.

  5. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Does this happen only in IE? I haven't seen _any_ popups in Mozilla ;)
  6. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,921   +178

    Heh, was wondering why I did not see them, then I remembered that I was using Opera and "oops" had blocked popups :D

    Sorry Julio, I do actually click the banners on the site, though I prefer to click the ones that are less intrusive, that means less clicks for popups and that big MS/Symantec banner on the frontpage

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