Advice solicited---want to replace AGP 9800 pro card, suggestions?

By foycur
May 7, 2006
  1. My specs are in my signature below. I just recently picked up oblivion and BF2 and am finding that my video is lagging. My Sapphire 128 mb 9800 pro has done a good job for me thus far, but I think it's time to trade it in.

    I'm not ready to get into the whole PCI express thing because my mobo only has an AGP slot, and I'm looking at keeping my computer in its current config for at least another year. So, I'm just looking to upgrade to a better AGP card. The market has changed so much since I bought my last card that I'm sort of in the dark. I'm probably looking to spend about 200-250 at the max (otherwise my wife would have a cow). I'm not sure I can even get a better card then what I already have for that kind of money, but it can't hurt to look. I don't really care whether it's nVidia or ATI. Suggestions appreciated!
  2. Tedster

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    is there a reason to upgrade the card?
    There is no real software out there that would justify buying a newer AGP card. PCI-E has been out for quite a while now.

    I still have my FX-5500 card (AGP) and it plays doom3 just fine. I have no real reason to upgrade myself as my 'pooter does everything I want it to. (And its still fast enough.)
  3. foycur

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    I'm not going to buy a whole new setup just to upgrade the video component. I'd have to buy a new mobo with a PCI express slot, which I don't have on my current board. Otherwise, I'd just buy a PCI-E card.

    I am looking for a better AGP card then the 9800 pro that I have. The board supports up to a 4X AGP speed. I've seen some things about the 256MB X800 that looked good and it's well within my price range.
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