Affected worm/autoit.cma

By paladin07
Feb 20, 2009
  1. greetings techspot community

    i have similar situation with reodybalisi. Here is the case

    When i press CTRL-ALT-DEL , it pop up window appeared saying to the effect that task manager was disabled by administrator.

    Then, the pop up window "Registry editor" ststing Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" keeps on appearing. especially

    Then, at the control panel, the "folder options" was nowhere to be found

    Second, when i tried to scan my computer, i discovered that my system32 has been infected by a worm virus.
    Virus name: Virus identified Worm/Autoit.CMA
    It appeared in the following subfolders:
    C: WINDOWS\System32\SCVVHSOT.exe
    C: WINDOWS\system32\blastclnnn.exe

    I tried scanning my computer using the free versions of AVG. the threat it said was healed. but the the worm still persists

    By the way, my computer does not recognize any flashdrive when i insert it in the USB port.

    Can anybody help me to overcome this situation. Really appreciate it
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