AIM/facebook virus

By pokey
Apr 15, 2008
  1. Hello, i have recently been infected with the facebook/AIM virus. I have not found any symptoms of the virus (I'm not even sure what it does--if someone could direct me to an informational page about this virus, that would be great) but I have been working to eradicate it before it possibly does any damage. My logs are attached. (HJT, Combofix)

    The AVG antispyware log is not working so well for me, i cannot find a way to make a log that doesn't show the 'ignore' or 'no action taken' error even though i quarantined all results in 2 separate full scans.

    I have followed the preliminary removal instructions to the letter except for one part in Step 14--which is running the program: 'Ad-Aware personal SE' in safe mode. Please let me know if it is required.

    The Panda Antirootkit has found nothing.

    Thank you.
  2. tim_tank

    tim_tank TS Rookie

    I would suggest using a anitvirus progam called "Adaware" I use it and it works magic :p Or if for some reason that doesn't work just uninstall AIM/MSN and delete all the folders/items you got or received for those 2 programs and then reinstall..I have had my MSN send ppl viruses too and that is what I did, hope that helps and for facebook im not to sure, only thing I can think of is clear all internet memory as well as cookies.. not sure about that one sorry . hope the aim info helps
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