AIM not installing/working properly

By The Lexi
Oct 19, 2005
  1. Okay, well, my AIM is messed up. I'm pretty sure it's just my AIM, everything else works fine. Whenever I'm on, it will just stop recieving messages. The only way I know when it stops this is when I click to view a profile, it says 'Please wait...' for a LONG time. I sign off, then back on and everythings all better, for about 10 minutes. I uninstalled and deleted all aspects of AIM. I went to the website and clicked the button to doownload it again, and that works fine. But when I install it, it gets everything done well up until:

    Copying File:
    C:\Program Files\AIM\Sysfiles\imagehlp.dll

    I'm not too computer savvy, and have tried everything I know of (which is just about nothing, pretty much uninstalling/ reinstalling to try to make it work).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    <3 lots.
  2. Diablo1730

    Diablo1730 TS Rookie

    I'm getting the same exact problem with installing, I need help!
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