Air card not recognized on Windows 7

By davisjaron
May 10, 2009
  1. Alright everyone... I'm always helping out... now i'm asking for help...

    I've dual booted windows 7 onto my computer on a spare hdd... It automatically found most of the drivers for my computer when I hooked it up to the internet so i'm good there...

    HOWEVER... I put in my sprint air card (595u) and nothing happens... as if i've never plugged it in... not even so much as "new hardware found"...

    I've installed both wwan controller softwares that sprint offers for the air card but nothing... it never recognizes that it's being plugged in...

    any ideas? I know it's not a corrupt OS, it was just installed, lol, and it recognizes other things... just not the air card...

    maybe it's not compatible with windows 7 yet?
  2. AdriMagnon

    AdriMagnon TS Rookie Posts: 20


    From this link:

    This thread will disuss the compatibility between Windows 7 beta and the Sierra Wireless 595 USB EVDO Modem (also called the 595U).
    If you a problem OR a solution for win7, please post it to this thread to share with others.
    and the answer was:

    FIRST be connected to the internet. WIFI ethernet dialup whatever.
    Install Sprint Smartview
    it will say it doesn't recognize operating system... go ahead and let it finish then restart.
    Then install the driver from sierra wireless at the address below
    You need to be connected to the internet so that it can download drivers from MS During these installs.
    Plug in your card and start Smartview
    I hope that works.


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