Alephia Internet not working!!!!!!

By JMT74
Aug 30, 2005
  1. Hi, I would say about 4 months ago I hooked up my brother's Adelphia

    High Speed Internet. I had to install an ethernet card onto the

    computer. I did this with no problem. He had no problem's with getting

    onto the net until one day I guess something happened while some program

    on the computer was updating. The computer shutdown. Well now they can't

    get back onto the net. The computer starts and there is no problem I see

    with the computer. I scanned his computer with Trojan Remover. There

    were no malicious files found. The cable modem which is a Mortorola

    Surfboard SB5100 shows no sign of internet activity at all. The

    PC/Activity light is not on at all. It usually flashed before. I thought

    maybe its the Etherent card. I even reinstalled the ethernet card. I

    don't believe it is that. I'm not sure what it might be. Any

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