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By Frag-o
Dec 24, 2003
  1. I am looking at gettting a tablet PC, I don't know why I just want one.

    I was wondering does anyone have any expeirence with them? I like the kind that has the keyboard that flips under.
    I want something powerful (as far as tablets go).
    The cd roms and junk doesn't need to be built in. Really I don't need any special roms at all, just a regular CD will be sufficant.
    I hear they all come with WiFi my network at home is 802.11b so that would make a difference I believe for the options to look for.
    A fare bit of RAM would be nice maybe 512, and a hefty Hard drive too, I am sort of a digital pack rat.
    Battery life is not a big issue either. I would like to have a long battery life but it is not a big problem.
    A decent size monitor/tablet area would be nice. I know they aren't goign to be huge but around 15" would be cool.

    I like to write but I feel I could do it much faster on a tablet I just can't seem to break the habit of looking at my fingers so my typing speed isn't what it could be. Also I like the ability to take a photo and put it in the tablet and draw notes on it, really I just like them.

    I looked around at a bunch of them and all I get are sales pitches, PR garbage, and "This is the greatest thing in the world." reviews from people who call tech support looking for the "Any Key."

    If anyone has one or is looking at them aslo, what is your opion of them. are their any good ones? I still plan on getting one, I am just looking at options on them. Price really doesn't matter either.

    I know a lot of you guys will ask why not a laptop/notebook, really I don't know, I have a good one I am just looking for something new.
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