Alternating CPU Speeds. HELP!

By Axiarus
Jul 24, 2006
  1. First off this is what im running:

    Amd Athlon 64 3200+
    Diablotek Geforce 6600 512mb ddr2
    2gigs of Geil Value RAM
    Sound Blaster Audigy SE
    1 40gb ata HDD (os is on this one), 1 30gb ata, 1 320gb sata
    550w PSU

    Ok the CPU is supposed to be clocked at 2.0ghz but recently I installed Fable:lost chapters and when i went to run Fable it said my CPU doesnt meet the requirements. (it showed my proccessor as 1.0ghz) I thought this was funny so I checked. Right Clicked on My COmputer and went to properties. IT WAS RIGHT! It said I was running at 1.0ghz. I closed the window, and looked again...2.0ghz. Did this again...1.0ghz. It keeps alternating. But whats funny is all my games are smooth. Even Condemned, which WILL NOT run on a 1.0ghz. Im thinking its just a visual error, since my games run fine. Any help?
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  3. Axiarus

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    Not a laptop

    I dont have a laptop. Says powernow is for laptops...
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    You are right the driver for the desktop is called Cool and Quiet. Same idea...
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