Alternative to 'installing' Norton WIn Doctor? : Boot from disk program?

By tweed
Sep 25, 2005
  1. On my biz PC I DO use norton utilities WIN Doctor [I don't mean chkdsk Disk doctor] It regularly finds activeX probs and missing stuff and fixes them.

    On my PC that doesn't need a firewall etc. [objective: >MAX CPU power andit's not on the net] I have NOT installed Systemworks or ANY of it's competitors as they all need an install and they all take up resources.

    SO: I am wondering IS there anyway to run DISK Doctor from CD? OR, is there something AS good that can run NOT being installed... OR: can I somehow discover ALL the bits that LOAD at startup and NOT load them somehow..

    Looking for the most elegant pro way to go obviously...

    Great to be here ... ANY ideas GREATLY appreciated...
    This one's buggin' me as I KNOW there problems with windows on the PC that does not have Norton Utilities Windoctor on it...

    What don't I know??


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