Angry Birds spinoff 'Bad Piggies' set to launch this month

By Shawn Knight
Sep 5, 2012
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  1. The roles have been reversed in Rovio's upcoming mobile game set to launch later this month. That's right; this time around it's those evil pigs that are taking center stage in a new game called "Bad Piggies", a spinoff of...

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  2. Great, another game from the early 90s that will spawn toys and other assorted landfull.

    This is the opposite of technology news.

    Wait, I'll be able to show off my phone with cries of, "Look at me, I'm doing things that my PC did 20 years ago! It's awsome because I can smear my creasy hands all over the screen now."

    There are no words to describe the sensation of my soul being crushed.
  3. On another front Torchlight II will be out September 20th.
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    Yes indeed, very excited about that.

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