Annoying glitch! Please help!

By Broken_Sparrow
Aug 22, 2005
  1. I basically know nothing about computers, and this problem has been plaguing me for the past year or so, so basically, I desperately need help!!

    My computer keeps restarting for no reason, and it happens usually when I'm playing games (PC, online games), or trying to burn a CD. I don't think it's the computer being overheated, since it happened when I turned on the computer after a whole night's rest, and started to play a game I had, and it just suddenly restarted.

    Can anyone help me please? I don't even know what's wrong with it, and so far, the problem is just annoying since it ruins my CDs I'm trying to burn, and also my game-playing time, but last time, it became so bad that I couldn't even turn on my computer and I had to get rid of all my data and reinstall Windows.

    Thank you very much!

  2. bigp07

    bigp07 TS Rookie Posts: 20

    not much help

    Something sort of like that happened to my computer. It would re-start when I was playing games, then it got really bad and i tried re-installing the OS but now it'll just have the Gateway load screen, and as soon as it finishes loading, it will re-start and will keep doing this over and over until I hold the power button and shut it off. Unfortunately I never did find out what the problem was, but i didn't really bother either because it had a really slow AMD processor, 20 GB hard drive and 256 MB RAM, so it wouldn't exactly be my dream machine. I have been messing with it and looking around in the web lately so i will tell you if I find out any info on the stupid re-starting "glitch" that started it all.
  3. Broken_Sparrow

    Broken_Sparrow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Glad to know I'm not the only one

    Yeah, it's not exactly a computer you would really bother on. Mine did the whole restarting thing at the Windows logo as well, until it simply wouldn't turn on anymore :( But mine has so much data on it. I had to erase EVERYTHING last time, and I don't want to do it again TT_TT. It's basically the only reason I'm not buying a whole new comp--that, and no money :p Recently though, I heard on the news that sort of the same thing is happening to Windows 2000 models, but it's a virus that only happens to the 2000 model. I've been trying to look all over to see what my comp problem is :( Well, guess we'll keep each other updated, hmm?
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