ANOTHER Photoshop Filter Problem

By Deadcell
Aug 3, 2007
  1. Guys, (PS if u can answer my questions posted previously, id B nice) , but i was wondering Y, after making a text layer with a few layer styles put on (noise, etc), i can't run some filters on it. I need to run an Artistic filter on the text layer (It HAS been rasterized and i need to run the Spatter filter,) but the Artistic filters are greyed out and unselectable?? Anyone know Y??? I cant seem to use them on any of my other regular layers on this image, but i can on other files... Y????
  2. captaincranky

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    This Probably Won't Help Much But.....

    I'm using PSE-5. It has a function (in the layers pallet) called "simplify layer".
    I just made a text layer, beveled it, and tried to apply grain. The program wouldn't allow this until the layer was simplified. As I said that may not help too much with Photoshop itself, although you might try opening the file with PSE and doing the text there. I'm not sure what rasterizing a text layer accomplishes. Hey, it could be the proper name for "simplify layer", then dumbed down for us Elements guys. There are a lot of free text effects actions at this site: You might find one or more to your liking.
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    I dont know what version you are using but I have cs3 and the splatter filter is under brush strokes not artistic. I have run a similer test and had no problem with adding that filter. To a text later. So I have no clue what is your problem unless you dont have that layer highlighted so you can work on it!! or the layer is locked. To check if it is look on your layer palette and see if it is highlighted or if there is a paddle lock on it.
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