Another Unmountable Boot Volume (More problems with autochk.exe)

By Awesome
Sep 26, 2006
  1. I've just recently had this problem on my other computer, and it's very frustrating...I've tried every solution I could, any of them that involve chkdsk in the recovery console end up as not being able to find autochk.exe...I know EXACTLY where it's located but it cannot seem to acknowledge that it is in C:\WINDOWS\System32...I have no idea what could be causing this to not be able to recognize it, and anything else I've tried hasn't worked. I've tried hooking it up to this hard drive and running chkdsk on startup and from run command, and it's all done nothing...I've tried some things like PTedit, but was unsure how to use it correctly and change the right values...I'm just hopelessly lost, and I can't find the installation CD, which is also an issue. I did make a boot disc from floppies to get into the repair console though.

    Help would be appreciated, all topics I've seen where people start going, "Yeah it can't find autochk even after I use C:\windows\system32" usually remain unsolved...
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    The autochk error comes from XP trying to boot to a primary partition that is

    not currently active ie its "hidden NTFS". This would usually come from having

    another OS installed,but also possibly from messing up with your partitioning scheme.

    The solutons I`ve found include -

    1.If you have Partition Magic,boot to that and unhide the partition.

    2.Use Ptedit to change hex 0x17 to hex 0x07 or "44" to "07"

    3.Using SuperFdisk to unhide it

    4.In certain situations, removing XP HotFix: KB824105

    More HERE and HERE
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