Anti-glare and LCD Monitors

By Ace H
Jan 19, 2005
  1. I just found out (from Samsung) my new Samsung 19" LCD model 912N does not have "anti-glare". An email response from Samsung basically stated that:
    "The screen of the SyncMaster 912N is not specified as "anti-glare", and the monitor does not have an anti-glare coating. However, by their nature, LCD panels do not exhibit a large amount of glare like an uncoated CRT display would."

    Any opinions on the usefulness of an "anti-glare" screen and a LCD monitor would be greatly appresicated.

    P.S. I still have time to return it if I decide to.
  2. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    The email response from Samsung is perfectly fine.

    Something Samsung said you didn't like? Perhaps you prefered a slightly more technical answer as below?

    LCD works by letting fluorescent back-lighting passed through miniature colorized crystal windows/pixels.

    Each pixel acted as a light beam collimator directly straight out to the user, the very same reason for limited light beam viewing angles (narrow aperture), too far left/right or up/down then the light wouldn't be any good.

    It works the same in reverse... ie, any external light sources on to the screen get collimated straight inward, very little light left over for reflections or refractions at any other angles - AKA very little "glare".

    Its inherent nature is superior to that of anti-glare coatings, there's still yet other reasons for low glare...
  3. Ace H

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    I had been completely unfamiliar with LCD Monitors, anti-glare, response time, contrast ratio, etc. Since most of the other monitors I looked at stated they were "anti-glare" (hard coated), I was just wondering why Samsung's monitor did not have this feature. I also wanted some input from people who have a Samsung LCD Monitor to give their opinion as to whether the "anti-glare" feature was absolutely necessary. I have since found out it's NOT necessary to have "anti-glare".
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