By wallflower89
Aug 2, 2009
  1. I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forums or not. If not i am sorry, and please move/tell me how to move it to the right one:).

    ok onto my actual reason for posting.

    My dads Laptop, just got a bad spyware thing on it. It wouldn't let me download an anti-spyware...I had to use a flash drive on a different computer and then put it on the infected (is that correct?) computer.

    well it removed it and two others, but as it was scanning i recognised a few names that either LOOKED like it was spyware or somthing that was spyware that i had seen beofre on a different computer...
    He has on his computer :
    Norton Internet Security
    i have put Spybot search and destory on it
    and Malwarebytes.

    I am going to put Ccleaner on too.. but i am wondering if i need to put another anti-spyware on it.. i looked up the "avg antispyware" i saw but its no longer offered for free from avg :( is there another good one i need? that is free. that does a good job? or am i good with the norton, Spybot, and malwarebytes??

    Thanks in advance for you help :)
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    The 8 steps is generally a good idea, particularly if you are having problems with removal, and need the assistance of someone on TechSpot.
    We find that Spybot is pretty much a useless Cookies remover... doesn't find the tough stuff, and of course, the cookies always return in normal use.
    We like SpySweeper and or Spyware Doctor if you have a budget to buy something.
    We would add SuperAntiSpyware to your MalwareBytes, and consider replacing Symantec/Norton with the free or paid versions of Avast, or perhaps Avira Antivir.
    You need at least two spyware programs as no one program finds them all.
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