Apple AirPort Express (challenge #2)

By jg0001
Jun 13, 2005
  1. Well, you all did great with my last problem, here's a more vexing one. I have an Apple AirPort Express (you know, the little cigarette box doohickey for ad hoc wireless networking, connecting/beaming iPod music, and connecting printers to its USB).

    Anyway, plugged into my home network (PC network, btw) with an ETHERNET cable (from the router to the Airport Express), and with a printer on that USB port (on the airport expr), I can indeed see both the AE and the printer and it works great. Of course, I bought this for its wireless ability for a printer I have in another room.

    If I setup my router (not the AE) with NO password, I can still see the AE even when I unplug the ethernet cable. Of course, this is not ideal. If I put my password back on my router, I can't see the AE anymore. Does IT need to know how to connect to my network? Printing remotely, WIRELESSLY, is supposed to be a key feature of this device. Can anyone tell me how to actually do so AND keep my wireless protection in place? (Mind you I am ONLY trying (at this point) to use the AE wirelessly to connect to my USB printer).

    Thanks for your efforts. I imagine that unless you have this exact setup, it's probably not worth your time to guess at it as I already tried so many things it's ridiculous. Thanks.
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