Apple ordered to post "Samsung didn't copy iPad" notice on its UK website

By Leeky
Jul 19, 2012
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  1. Apple's legal campaign against Samsung backfired spectacularly yesterday, according to a report by Bloomberg, after being ordered to place a public a notice on its UK site and in several national newspapers alerting people to the High Court ruling on……

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  2. Apology out of the question, then?
  3. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,633   +1,031

    As they say, it's business, not personal. Apologies are for feelings. Its' not like Apple is going to stop putting Samsung chips in the iPhone or Samsung SSDs in their computers.
    Apple sure does look dumb though... 'They copied our packaging!?' Yeah, cause we really care what the BOX looks like when we buy something.
    I wonder if Apple compares what they spend on lawyers to the extra sales they think they get by these accusations. They can't be coming out ahead.
  4. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Guru Posts: 674   +216

    Hahaha, this is an amusing outcome.
  5. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,146   +192

    ?Should Apple continue to make excessive legal claims based on such generic designs, innovation in the industry could be harmed and consumer choice unduly limited,?

    Love it.
  6. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,678   +85

    They can do what the Judge said, and then end it with his own quote ...... but "They are not as cool" ....... hmm now that could be fun ;)
  7. Yep this is how apple was destroyed the first time around cuz of cheap people that buy knock offs of it's products.
  8. Lol, you're calling Galaxy tabs knockoffs?

    Tell that to those chinese manufacturers who really carbon copy apple designs, and yet apple does nothing against them, why? because they know those tablets are not real competition.

    Now, Samsung OTOH, is a threat. That's why apple keeps whining and whining
  9. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,146   +192

    Apples whole company was founded on xerox knockoffs, reap what you sow.
  10. Eat it Apple, you pile of monkey spunk. Just goes to show how childish the people who run Apple are, glad Samsung won this one. I love how even in defeat they still claim they were copied, and to go and say the user interface looks like the iOS crap on the iPad. It really doesn't, the only similarities are the fact that its touch interface. Which I'm sorry to say Apple you do not own. Please Samsung, stop supplying Apple with parts, make them suffer.
  11. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,675   +389

    False. Perhaps you could make that argument for the Macintosh GUI, but not for founding of the company. Macs came many years later. Also, it wasn't stolen/copied outright, Xerox was compensated for it.
  12. Archean: haha, you're right, Apple should put: "Samsung did not copy iPad, but they are not as cool." - too funny.
  13. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,146   +192

    The idea was xeroxs, not apples. They were granted 3 days acess to xerox Parc to view "unused technologies" in exchange for cheap shares, not permission to steal its gui.

    Im sure the funds generated by the apple lisa and gui enabled the development of the mac.
  14. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,011   +18

    "When you so good that you can't say it
    Because it ain't even cool for you to sound cocky anymore"

    When you have #1 selling phones and tablets, and you act like this, someone will call you out.

    While this may be a legal remedy, this is the judge putting Apple in its place, and essentially punishing them for going around the world trying to stop consumers from buying what they want to buy.

    People buy Apple products because they want Apple products. They don't want a "knockoff" Samsung product that looks like an Apple product, they want the real deal.

    Its very telling that as Jobs' health declined, you've seen less innovation and more litigation. Suri, all and all, is either a joke or a gimmick, depends on where you stand, a while a retina display is nice and all, its not really innovation or a "game changer" that they're so fond of, just a technological advancement like a more powerful CPU or higher capacity storage.

    Apple's headlines are not about products anymore but legal victories. And while its smart that they're trying to protect their lead, the fact remains that they still are in the lead, and all and all, nobody like a bully.
  15. EEatGDL

    EEatGDL TS Maniac Posts: 429   +114

    Another case of guest trolling, first of all 'they' are koreans, not chinese. And Samsung's sales speak for themselves.
  16. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,675   +389

    They were allowed to see it. Not take the code, the link I gave above has a few more pages to it, the Macintosh OS that came about had a ton of differences and improvements over Xerox's. Xerox's wasn't even intended to be used in the way the Macintosh OS was.
  17. Tygerstrike

    Tygerstrike TS Enthusiast Posts: 827   +93

    I agree that we are seeing less from Apple now that Jobs has passed away. He was the driving force behind Apples comeback. Now Apple seems to have a problem with innovating. So they start litigation. Not a big surprise. When a company cant make money for all those UPPER managment bonuses, they sue other ppl.
    My problem is simply that Apple in a short period of time has turned into the proverbial "Monster". Apple having a major comeback and bringing us some nice products is a great thing to happen. It shows that anybody can make it. Even if you have been crushed down before. However, Apple has turned from that success and started playing a different game. One that is anti commerce. Anti customer, and Anti American. They just want your cash and thats it.
  18. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,146   +192

    Wikipedia quote : The Xerox Alto was one of the first computers designed for individual use (though not as a home computer), making it arguably what is now called a personal computer. It was developed at Xerox PARC in 1973. It was the first computer to use the desktop metaphor and mouse-driven graphical user interface (GUI).

    It used a mouse and a W.I.M.P style interface, the similarities are undeniable. And would stand up in court a lot better than the bullshize apple trys to sue people for.
  19. Wow we talk about gui steels here. Let me see apple gain from that is about 1.5 bill. Bill gates gain 85 billion. Hm. So windows owes nothing to gui and xerox. Also just about every company out there uses some form of gui. But yet apple is the biggest player in the gu I steeling. Nice brainless comment by the avrage ignoramus trolls of the internet.
  20. Question who started the pattent wars of apple and samsung. Plus last time I checked all inventions and sorts started in the us. korea had rice farmers a little while back. So as far as I am concerned they stole everything from the us based companies. American corporate *****s sold us all out. Bottom line. None of the technology that we have today evolved anywhere else but the US. The rest of the world about 30 to 50 years ago were just a bunch of farmers practicing tie chi.
  21. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,633   +1,031

    @racist Guest above... actually a lot of the gains in Japanese firms came from Americans who went over there on their own free will and taught them manufacturing techniques for quality. They weren't 'corporate *****s' they were quality control guys who couldn't get jobs from the arrogant American's who didn't need their help because GM and Ford were doing so well. So they went to Toyota, while rich American car makers jacked up retirement benefits and 40 years later look where we ended up.

    Regardless.... most people understand that standing on teh shoulders of those before you, is a natural progression. It's far different than what Apple thinks is occuring anyway.
  22. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,011   +18

    Took me a while to realize that gui steel is not some kind of metallurgical innovation...
    fimbles likes this.
  23. Sorry but you might be the more ignorant one. This is way back then and during that time, Apple was the major stealer of xerox's gui from their SPARC system. Over time with the expected improvement of technologies, everyone started to use the GUI. However Apple was the first to steal from xerox and that's a fact.
  24. "Question who started the pattent wars of apple and samsung. Plus last time I checked all inventions and sorts started in the us. korea had rice farmers a little while back. So as far as I am concerned they stole everything from the us based companies. American corporate *****s sold us all out. Bottom line. None of the technology that we have today evolved anywhere else but the US. The rest of the world about 30 to 50 years ago were just a bunch of farmers practicing tie chi."

    My god... you need to get your head straighten out but you're definitely one of those arrogant people who think they're better than everyone else right? You can't even spell Tai Chi yet you are rather racist about it. Besides... do you know who won the silicon war around 30 to 50 years ago? Think and read about it before you start spouting racist crap.
  25. Wow how ignorant can you get. Retina display isn't a game changer the same way as double the cpu speed isn't a game changer either. Or double core. Or multi thread. It's just a tech advancement. bla bla bla. Baby said. Let me see when a company innovates and actually moves the screen industry out of a 10 year stagnation as far as resolution is concerned. Oh it is just nice and a gimmick. The ignorance of some brainless internet users. The retina displays are actually a mover for other to start improvement of pixel density. For the industry has been stagnating for the past ten years. When did 2500x1600 come out and even that is a dinosaur. Or none existent. All they push is 1080p which is 200 down from 1200 hight. And the width is just 1900. Big deal. Also the screen size is 27. When I know most are dreaming for that 3 extra inches just to be at 30 and 2500x1600. And now we got 2880 by 1800. Since there has been 10 years since we saw any change it is not impressive anymore we want that iMac with 5100x3800 pixel screen so we can acually see the photo we take with our 18 megapixel camera.

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