Apple performs major product overhaul, intros world's first multitouch mouse

By Matthew
Oct 20, 2009
  1. Steve Jobs wasn't kidding when he said Apple had a strong lineup prepared for the holiday season and beyond. The company has just about refreshed its entire product line, introducing the world's first multitouch mouse, as well as new iMacs, a low-end MacBook, and a new Mac mini.

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  2. Kadir

    Kadir TS Rookie

    The new iMac WideScreen looks really good. I would buy it, but no money.

    Also, I would rather buy a little laptop or PC, and install Windows 7 on it.
  3. supportme

    supportme TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Apple's always ahead in innovation but that doesn't come cheap. ;)
  4. Lardy1664

    Lardy1664 TS Rookie

    So is this multitouch surface that is reliant on touch, taps, and swipes a bit like the old touch pads that you got on laptops?

    Think they've taken a step back but this is without seeing one. Just think a touch surface that is in constant contact with your hand/fingers might be subject to the odd miss click move etc.
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