Are there any good pc fighting flying, fighting racing or street fighter type games?

By treetops
Feb 16, 2011
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  1. New old free pricely?
    Flying fighter?

    No I don't want some life like game where it flies like a real plane. I want a single or multiplayer game where I can fly around and blow stuff up. A newer game with amazing graphics. Any suggestions? Somewhat perhaps like that old Fury 3 game where your over a big world out in the open.

    Street fighter\Mortal Kombat type game?

    I bought the new street fighter last year on pc and it was laggy when playing multiplayer. I tried street fighter 2 my favorite old school game on a few servers and that lagged as well. Are there any good new or old fighting games that have dedicated servers or do they all just lag? Ideally I would actually play the old street fighter 2 on a none laggy server.

    Racing and fighting games?

    Like mario cart but new with good graphics. Or even a flying fighting racing game. For pc with multiplayer.

    Another genre I desire
    A Hack and slash over a giant world like world of warcraft. No not some lame game where you can group with 8 people per zone, that was fine 13 years ago playing diablo 2. I mean a hack and slash over a huge robust graphically amazing world where you can juke to manually dodge incoming attacks and or block while taking out gigantic mobs doing somewhat skill based moves solo or in a group. Multiplayer of course.

    Whats the newest and or best game in each of these genres?

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