Assistance with recovery console process please.

By Jinto
Jul 12, 2008
  1. Hey everyone. I'm posting this because I am in need of urgent assistance when it comes to the "recovery console" process. My stupid computer for the fourth time will not boot up properly. It gives me this message upon boot up, "NTLDR is missing". After researching the problem on various websites I have figured out that I basically need to run the recovery console using my Windows XP disk. However my Windows XP disk doesn't offer me the option to run the recovery console, only to reinstall Windows (which I have had to do in the past). I suppose my only option is to download the necessary files onto six floppy disks.

    I understand things up to that point but my confusion starts at what to do after that. Do I need to go into the BIO and set it to boot from the floppy, or do I just put the first floppy in my drive and it will work? This is the worst possible timing with the verge of E3 this coming Monday.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Jinto. . . . .
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    Crisis time has passed -- have you answered your own question?

    Are you describing the Microsoft Windows XP installation CD? Creating a set of floppies does not ring true with me. Are you working with a Recovery CD from the maker of the computer?

    NTLDR - missing can be due to a corrupted registry (corrupted hive - system), or worse - a dying HDD.

    If XP CD does not find a valid copy of XP, this may be causing the behavior you reported.

    I recommend moving the HDD to another computer & save your data files. IF this is not an OEM version of XP, you have a chance to recover from the corrupted hive file(s).
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