ASUS launching ATI cards?

By Julio Franco
Aug 28, 2003
  1. Rumours seem to indicate that huge asian manufacturer, ASUS, could be launching a line of ATI based graphics card later this year. ASUS has remained loyal to NVIDIA and has been producing boards ever since the original 'TNT' chips made it to the market years ago, the rumour has yet to be confirmed.

    Both Asustek and ATI denied the report. According to ATI, Asustek is producing some graphics cards featuring ATI solutions on request of its OEM clients, and is developing motherboards based on ATI’s 9100IGP chipset, but the two sides have not worked together in the own-brand graphics card market.
  2. BASDSucks

    BASDSucks TS Rookie

    I still use my old tnt in my other computer, its a decent card..if they do release some new cards, i would defiantly like to see the specs on them.
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