Asus Lga 775 heatsink bracket?

By kesler
Sep 8, 2007
  1. I bought a heatsink and fan for my lga775 because I did not want to use the one it came with. The bracket it came with has a what looks like a peel off clear coating on the side that goes to the mobo. Where the opening is for the cpu it has a smaller white peel off that is sticky underneath. I am sure this comes off prior to the install. The clear one that covers the whole bracket is not sticky which leads me to believe it stays on. Is this a cover that helps so the metal is not touching the mobo or if I don't remove it will it heat up? I am putting it in today so tech support is closed if you were going to tell me to call. I made it sound harder than it should be . Here is the fan/ASUS P5M2-8SB4W 80mm SuperFlo CPU Cooler - Retail
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    You should be looking for a metal to metal contact with heat transfer paste between them. Most heatsinks have a pad of paste already in place, protected by a transit cover. There should be no plastic between the CPU and the heatsink. Looking at the images shows that you have to remove the existing backplate and fit the custom one. As this is metal there may be a cover to prevent shorts on the back of the motherboard.
    Hope this helps
  3. kesler

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    I am not talking about the cpu and the heatsink. I am talking about the bracket that comes with the heatsink.
  4. kesler

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    To be honest dude, I did the best I could to explain it . It is a backplate the heat sink screws into . I gave the model # in the earlier post. ASUS P5M2-8SB4W 80mm SuperFlo CPU Cooler - Retail
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    This is what I understand:
    Your CPU cooler came with a backplate, that attaches to the back side of the motherboard to support the cooler.
    The backplate has two protective plastic peels on them. One of them sticky, and the other one not sticky.
    And you're just asking which ones you should remove.
    Is this what you mean?

    To be honest, it should be fine regardless of whether or not you remove a plastic peel off of the backplate. The backplate only supports the CPU cooler from the other side of the motherboard.
    The only place where the "sticky peel" would get in the way is if it was between the CPU cooler and the CPU surface.
  6. kesler

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    Yes, thank you
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