Asus M3A motherboard help

By vomacka
Oct 29, 2011
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  1. I have a ASUS M3A Motherboard. I now have a BIG problem that I need some advice on.

    Surrounding the white CPU (AMD Athlon 64) socket is a black support ring (screwed into the motherboard) that the CPU fan/heat-sink attaches to.

    The metal clips on the fan/heat-sink fit on small tabs on the edge of the black ring to hold it down.

    The black ring is plastic. And because of this one of the plastic "tabs" (that the metal CPU fan/heat-sink clips onto) broke off. Because of this I can't hook/clip the heat-sink to this support ring.:mad::mad:

    I am trying to use epoxy to glue the tab back on, but do not know if this will hold.:(

    I contacted ASUS and they said the MB is not in stock anymore.:(

    Does anyone know if I can just replace this black support ring? I really don't want to replace the motherboard. All I need is the small black ring that supports the heat-sink fan over the CPU.

    Would anyone have this board and does not need this part?

    I am up the creak without a paddle guys. Any help?:(

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