Asus V8200

By Gate
Feb 10, 2007
  1. Hi. This may not be ther right place for this post but its a MB and graphics card question so I start here. Just putting a secondary PC together with what I have laying around:
    MB: Asrock P4i65G
    CPU: P4 3GHZ
    Went to fit the graphics card an Asus V8200 but looked at the MB manual first and it gives a warning 'Do NOT use a 3.3v AGP card on the AGP slot of this motherboard it may cause permanent damage'! I have looked in the V8200 manual, been thru pages and pages on the net to find out what the voltage for V8200 is I havent found any thing solid. Some places they talk about 3.3v some about 1.5v. Looking in the BIOS of a PC which uses V8200 under health and voltages, it indicates 1.47v for the AGP. that to me says it is 1.5V but I am not sure, The utility which comes with 8200 indicats a 1.5v and a 3.3v just to further confuse me! Besides, I havent kept up to date with all the new technologies out there so I am unaware of AGP voltages having been changed to a lower values.
    Would really appreciate if some one could let me know if it is safe to try the V8200 in this MB. The MB is cheap but the graphics card still works wonders and I dont want to burn it!

    Thanks - Gate
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