AT&T bringing 4G LTE to 12 additional markets by the summer

By Shawn Knight
Mar 12, 2012
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  1. AT&T has announced that they will be extending their 4G LTE coverage to an additional 12 cities starting in April. The telecom company hasn’t given an exact date on when…

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  2. How is this news..?

    AT&T could've been building those cities into it's 4G network about 17 months ago.. instead of wasting $4b on trying to take over T-Mobil.

    The CEO's greed has cost him years of network development and even more woes of people leaving AT$T trying to find a stable mobile network.

    Again...If AT$T wasn't so greedy, all these cities would already have 4G service, so would most of the Country. But again, that type of responsibility takes commitment to ur customers. Something the CEO, nor the board is interested in. They don't care about AT&T as a company, just how much money they can make personally off using the at&t name.

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