ATI 1400 Vs NVidia 7600

By mephisto_007
Feb 20, 2007
  1. 256MB ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1400 Vs 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go 7600

    I am getting a new laptop and haven't decided which one should I go for...
    Please share your opinion...
  2. agi_shi

    agi_shi TS Rookie Posts: 385

    I'm not much up to laptops, but the 7600 series is supposed to be rivaling the 1600 series, not the 1400 series. And thus I'd say go for the 7600 Go.
  3. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Rookie Posts: 575

    I have a laptop with the 7600Go and the card works great for laptop gaming.
  4. Exonimus

    Exonimus TS Rookie Posts: 77

    the 7600gs is better,as I thought. I did a small google search just to be sure, and the 7600go is the way to go.
  5. F1N3ST

    F1N3ST TS Rookie Posts: 596

    7600GT is the card were talkin about lol but it is better also.
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