ATI all in wonder 9700 Pro does not work in Windows media Center

By bob5731
Nov 20, 2008
  1. Hi
    ATI all in wonder 9700 Pro doesn't work in Windows media Center.
    I get it says "no compatible hardware found". I have the latest ATI media Center drivers installed. From Buying using Windows media Center 2005 is certified to and rollup 2. Only custom-built computer using any in the 800mhz CPU 512bm of RAM ddr2 And a 200gb hard drive. What drivers do I need? how do I install it? If y'all could reply today would be nice. I have called ATI in May said to contact Microsoft because you drivers install correctly. It worked a bout a week ago on a Dell dimension 4500. I do not remember what drivers I use to install the card.

    If you could help me it would be so appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    P. S. God Loves You And Have A Good Day!!!
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