ATI Crossfire Problem

By platinumsteel
Aug 15, 2015
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  1. Hi guys I know that to have a successful Crossover setup is to have two identical cards..But I have seen that I may be able to still pull it off with two slightly different models..I have a XFX 7970 and a XFX 7870...Is it possible to have these two cards work in crossfire mode? Currently I have them hooked up and they r showing in windows and GPU-Z as it should on windows 7 x64..But I am not seeing the Crossfire Option in the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers 15.7.1 ..I have tried re-installing Drivers with the AMD Cleanup utility but still no Crossfire option...Also have the bridge installed.Thanks will really appreciate your help.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The HD 7970 won't work in Crossfire mode with a 7870; you can only run a 7970 with either another 7970 or a 7950.

    Similarly, the 7870 can only run in Crossfire mode with another 7870 or a 7850.

    Source: AMD's Crossfire Compatibility Matrix
  3. platinumsteel

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    Ok pal..Thanks a lot for that information...

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