Audio drivers problem, I have no sound!!!

By blackhawk
Jan 13, 2008
  1. So does anyone know audio deck? well it kept starting up in my task manager window, and I would always close it to save RAM. after a while though, I got curious, and went into it. Well it had a bunch of things that my audio control panel had. On my way out, I accidently clicked something (no idea what) After that my microphone would not work at all. My other microphone, which is really bad, but always works, wouldn't work either. So after some troubleshooting, I decided that Adeck was an outside program that was interfering with my sound. So I manually went and uninstalled it. Little did I know that it was actually my audio driver program. Now my sound is not working at all, and none of my hardware is registering. Worst part is is that I can't find the CD driver for it. Does anyone know where I can download the driver for it?

    Quick reply appreciated, because without sound I rally can't manage my clan, play css or crysis, etc.
  2. blackhawk

    blackhawk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i fixed the problem, stop the numerous replies :haha:
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