Audio Drivers, VIA Motherboard, AC97, Creative CT5880: Problems

By TheMountaineer
Mar 2, 2006
  1. I have a replacement comp whilst mine is been fixed and this new comp runs Windows 2000.

    It has a VIA motherboard and in the bios it says AC97 (I have enabled the AC97).

    When I opened the computer it also had a creative ct5880 chip.

    I try installing the drivers from VIA but it states AC97 is not enabled in the BIOS when it is...

    I have tried installing other drivers for ct5880 and AC97 and now I don't know what to do.

    Can someone please help... I think this is a common problem with this onboard sound...

    Thank you
  2. Evalds

    Evalds TS Rookie


    1. remove CT5880 card...
    2. enable ac97 in bios!!! :knock:
    while PC is restarting, press "delete" or "del" to enter bios,
    when find Onchip device menu and enable ac97 audio using "page up/down" keys..

    thats alll
  3. TheMountaineer

    TheMountaineer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the ct5880 is not a card
    its a creative chip... and I have checked time and time again that AC97 is enabled...

    btw my motherboard is VIA VT82C686A
  4. Evalds

    Evalds TS Rookie

    try to instal windows XP or ME...
    my friend had same problems with audio drivers too (in win2000)....
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