AVG 7, back-up to disc.

By Maurice
Feb 7, 2005
  1. Have just investigated, but not used yet, the back-up to disc facility on the new free AVG7, brilliant! now I shan't have to go through Nero, to do this, I found this method difficult, obviously most members probably won't, but you know me, struggling, getting old, & not well, so this new way is an absolute boon.
    Any comment on it, have AVG7 users tried it yet?, your views are, as usual, appreciated.

  2. Maurice

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    As a follow-up to my last posting on this thread,no replies as yet [??] can I run this past you guys, it's a rescue disk, not a back-up, by the way, as I previously said, here is the "blurb" that they give on the rescue disk wizard;--
    **Please note what they say in the last section, "on floppy", too large for that, surely, or perhaps you feed in several?, then there's "user defined folder" am I correct in thinking that if there is a crash, how could I access this folder?
    Help out my weary mind, this is making me ask myself why I got a computer, but I'm danged if I'm going to give it up yet!!

    Thanks, Maurice


    "The rescue disk enables you to scan & clean files in MS.DOS mode [at the command prompt]"

    Next;- "Choose either AVG free edition files, or back-up file of your computer's system area"

    Next;- "Enter the file name & description of the system area back-up file, the default name is systab rsst"

    Next, & lastly, " Rescue disk to be created on either floppy**, or user defined folder**"
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