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By Dawn1113
Oct 18, 2013
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  1. I apologize in advance for the annoying noob question.

    I just moved into my brother's old house. I have misgivings about the electrical outlets and the wiring in the place. I lost my old AVR during the move. Now I have to buy a new one.

    I've got a Corsair AX1200 PSU installed in my aging machine. Will a 1500W AVR suffice? Should I get something bigger?

    I don't do any heavy computing at all. All I do is work on MS Word documents, play games and surf the web. I might lay down a few tracks and record a little music sometimes. But that's it.

  2. Rabbit01

    Rabbit01 TS Evangelist Posts: 787   +58

    1500 w should be more than adequate. While the PSU is rated 1200 w, how much wattage does it actually use normally? Do you plan on plugging other devices to the AVR (monitor, router, etc.)? I don't have an AVR, I do have a UPS w/ AVR. Maybe something to consider if the wiring is iffy.
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  3. Dawn1113

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    OK, might as well go for a UPS. No, I won't be plugging in anything else into it -- just my desktop PC. Can't really say how much wattage my machine normally uses, but I'm sure it's quite low. Will have to monitor.

    Thanks for the help, Rabbit01. Much appreciated. :)
  4. Rabbit01

    Rabbit01 TS Evangelist Posts: 787   +58

    My desktop has an i7-860, a ATI 5770, one BD drive and one HDD. In addition to the desktop, the monitor, the charger/RF transmitter/receiver for the mouse & keyboard, and 2 routers are also plugged in. Typically @ ~115 watts, jumps to ~150 w when the BD drive is in use. The 24" LED monitor uses ~23 w.

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