Backup your DATA!

By StormBringer
Jul 1, 2004
  1. Eko

    Eko TS Rookie


    Although the other Norton products may be crappy, in terms of system resources thay demand, (look at the Internet Security Suite), Ghost remains one of the best possible solutions, just w. a floppy disk and you can restore a partition or an entire drive back.
    I never tried the Bart's PE builder tool, maybe there is a thread for that here, but I think that if you don't want to get into something complicated, you might just want to copy the data to some DVDs.
    The idea is not what to use, but rather JUST USE SOMETHING !
    It's better to have a crappy made back-up, than to completely lack one.
  2. rpneid

    rpneid TS Rookie

    Can you recover data from USB flash drive?

    This is addressed to the self-help data recovery experts who have learned the hard way to back up their data. I do a lot of work on a USB drive (Kingstar 256MB) which I use on any one of four computers. Today it stopped working (This USB device has malfunctioned and is not recognized, etc). Has anyone figured out a way to 1) get any Windows XP machine to recognize it, or 2) figure out a way to scrape some data off it? Oh, yeah - NEVER BE "TOO BUSY TO BACK UP" BECAUSE THAT IS WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO REGRET IT MOST. Thanks.
  3. Eko

    Eko TS Rookie

    USB problems

    Have you tried some of the GET DaTA back tools ? Maybe it'll work for you.
    A colleague of mine had the same problem, but it had to change the stick :(
    Good luck to you, I hope you'll get your data back...
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