Bad HDD? Windows XP won't Install

Aug 8, 2008
  1. I'm having an issue with installing Windows. My Windows would blue screen on me right as I would press the log in button every time (mentioning it in case it helps).
    Basically now I'm trying to reinstall windows, but it seems to be stuck in a loop. When I run the setup it recognizes my C drive as being unformatted. So I format it, and it restarts preparing to start the actual install of Windows. But at the restart it will just return to the original setup screen, not recognizing a formatted HDD. I've tried formatting a few times and its just looping.

    I'm booting from CD, then C in bios. I've tried a couple XP cd's. The jumper settings are correct on the HDD. The drive is only a year old. (they do die though =( )

    You guys think I'm looking at a bad HDD?

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    Yay! I found the issue. It was simple, I just wasn't thinking. Thanks for the reply kimsland =). I do have a question though... windows has crashed on me more than once. Any1 know a good HDD and ram tester prog?
  4. kimsland

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    Awesome =). Thanks for your time Kimsland. As always you guys at techspot are so helpful. Much appreciated.
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