Bad Motherboard or CPU?

By jklandon
Feb 22, 2005
  1. After hours of work, I have determined that I either have a bad motherboard or a bad cpu, the cpt won't boot up, it gets power but the monitor does not turn on. There are no beeps when I turn it one. Basically, I get nothing but the sound of fan running. Prior to getting to this point, I had been having physical memory dump with a blue screen about once a week. Any help would be appreciated. I have elimated all of the other hardware by testing them in other computers. I cannot test my processor since I do not have another Socket A mother board.
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Can you test the mem and cpu in a known good system?
  3. dabomb2k2

    dabomb2k2 TS Rookie

    hello, i also have the same problem the monitor not starting at boot up, before it used to work when i jiggled the wire about for the monitor to the graphic card and it used to work sometimes. then the fan in my graphics card stopped working, then when i spun the fan it started, so i then replaced the graphic card thinking it was the fan causing the problem, but still the same problem, no boot up for the monitor. and recently i took the computer to a mates, and the same think happend when i connected his monitor, nothing, so there is deffenatly a fault in the case.

    then after opening the case, i tapped on the heatsink and the monitor started. so im not sure if the fault is in the mother board or the cpu.

    so where back to the same question, where does the fault lie?

  4. Dcrewchief

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    grphics card position

    i would make sure that the card is firmly pushed into the socket or move it to another pci slot. dont cost anything to troubleshoot this way. it sounds like to me that the pins of the card are not making good connection in the pci slot. just a thought. :suspiciou
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