Bad temp readings? Afterburner, Catalyst, GPUZ, Overdrive. Who to believe?

By edison5do
Dec 29, 2010
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  1. Hi, I recentrly build my new system, and I have x2 HD 5770 for CrossFired, And my temp reading of a single card are getting all diferent based on the software I use, For Example..

    GPUZ said that my cards are around 78c - 85c, and even 92 one time, after 6 minutes on stability test with Stock MHz and the fan 95%.

    Furmark Says that my cards are around 65c - 72c, fan 95%

    MSI afterburner says the same as furmark (Never simultaneouly, I always use them separate).

    The catalyst always says the same of the overdrive as they both are AMD's.

    I have not tested any other programs, but im getting worried about the temp reading because if GPUZ is the one that is saying the truth I will basically burn the cards if I put them together.

    Wich one would you trust the most for the temp reading.?
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  3. edison5do

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    Thank you, Basically then I will just Ignore the GpuZ's reading because im getting the normal temp with the same software that TS use... That's reasonable so.. Thanks

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