Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer weapon problem

By tayyyarciko
Dec 14, 2011
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  1. hi all
    I just bought the bf2 2 weeks ago and ı want to ask you guys a question
    ı try to open every weapons in multiplayer for recon character ı opened one weapon when then ı play again ı opened mortar then ı play again opened a sniper rifle in 3 weapon from the line

    but when ı press the Exit and leave the game ı saw a pop up and wait updating your last status then ı try to re open the multplayer game and play conqest again with my recon character ı saw just one weapon opened .

    ı'm in shocked ı earn that equipments fair and square but when ı saw that that's really pissed me off ı don't know what to do about it ı try to play again ı gain mortar and 3 sniper then ı quit the game that gives me the same situation

    please help me what should ı do
    did ı do something wrong
  2. Relic

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    Hi tay,

    So the gist of what I'm understanding is that items you unlocking in game are no longer unlocked when joining a new one? Have you checked to see if you possibly played on an 'unranked' server? Ranked will count your stats and progression, unranked will not. It is also possible that the server just didn't record your progress and in turn your unlocks became relocked. I've personally experienced this a few times and just recently in Battlefield 3, so it's not out of the question that this may have happened to you. Note if the latter is the cause, there isn't really anything you can do about it besides unlocking them once again.

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