BCC F4 on Windows 7 64-BIT

By ehitoniks
Oct 23, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    I woke up to this crash today.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: f4
    BCP1: 0000000000000003
    BCP2: FFFFFA80082B95D0
    BCP3: FFFFFA80082B98B0
    BCP4: FFFFF80002D9A5D0
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files that help describe the problem:

    Can you guys help me find out why this happened, what is causing it? I just did a clean install of Windows two weeks ago.

    Attached Files:

  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    Your error code is 0x000000F4: CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION
    One of the many processes or threads crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. As a result, the system can no longer function. Specific causes are many, and often best resolved by a careful history of the problem and the circumstances of the error message.

    The minidump specifically cited hardware disk as the cause of your system crash. it could very well be you have a harddrive with bad sectors and/or is failing.

    A.S.A.P. back up everything that is important and run a full harddrive diagnostics.
  3. ehitoniks

    ehitoniks TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry but what** would i use to run the hard drive diagnostic?
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    Find the make of your harddrive and go to the manufacture's website. They will have a free harddrive diagnostic utility that you burn to a CD. After it is burned place CD in drive, reboot and then run the tests.
  5. ehitoniks

    ehitoniks TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I found the appropriate software. Western Digital Data Lifeguard, I did not have to burn it to CD nor reboot. I just ran the test in Windows all night long, checked the results and it stated a PASS. Windows Disk Check did not find any errors either. Any ideas?
  6. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    What tests did you run with the WD Lifeguard?
  7. ehitoniks

    ehitoniks TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thers only one really. Western Digital Data liafeguard disagnostics. It shows SMART Data information as well. It shows SMART STATUS and a (checkpark) along with *PASS. I ran the extended test not the quick one which took all night almost. this is the description of the program...


    This MODULE of the Data Lifeguard Tools program searches for and verifies the status of specific Western Digital drives. By accessing the Data Lifeguard formation stored on the hard drive, the program is able to quickly and efficiently verify the status of the drive. If any errors are logged or found, it provides an option to return the drive to defect-free status through an extended test or repair option. DLGDIAG for Windows runs under Win9x/Me/NT/W2K/XP and offers several options for verifying the defect-free status of your hard drive."

    Doesnt let me run any other test.
  8. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    There should be a Long Test as well. S.M.A.R.T. is a short test. The Long Test is essential in these matters.

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