Belkin Wireless router LAN Issue

By Ididmyc600
Apr 12, 2006
  1. Not to long ago I decided to buy a wireless router, having a laptop, I got sick of the LAN cable.

    Heres the original setup
    Broadband via Cable Modem links to
    STLab router, this feeds via Cat5 cable a Hub located upstairs which in turn
    feeds the kids PC's and File Server unit.

    Before I went wireless file transfer rates were what you expect from a hard wired network, ie very good.

    So as I said I went to a wirelss Belkin router which took the place of the STlab router and as far as surfing the web wirelessly its a very good piece of kit.
    However I had cause to transfer a file from the upstairs File server and upon doing so I noticed that the transfer rate was extremely slow, in fact so slow that I gave up.

    So I changed to a hard wired connection and disabled the PCMCIA WINIC, I expected file transfer rate to improve but it didn't.

    I rang Belkin and after 30 minutes on hold I was informed the fault was with the network cards on my laptop (both the PCMCIA and the MINI PCI card)

    I questioned them but they were adamant it was my equipment and not theirs.

    To fix the problem I have placed a Hub next to the Router and plugged the Hub upstairs into that and the Belkin router as well , so in a sense I have stopped using the LAN capability of the router ( if you get what I mean).

    And as for file transfer rate...well it's as good now as it was before I switched it over to the Belkin ( both hardwired and wireless) Proof that the LAN side of the router must be hampering the file transfer rate in some way.

    Suggestions anyone
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837

    Maybe the router cannot understand the half-duplexness of hubs? Things get very slow if something tries to do full duplex on a half duplex network. You can test this by putting a switch in place of the hub or connecting the machines directly to the router without a hub in between.
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