Beware, Windows 7 beta shutdowns begin next week

By Matthew
Jun 23, 2009
  1. Here’s a heads up to anyone who’s still using Windows 7 build 7000: bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on July 1 and it will expire on August 1. In about one week, you’ll be prompted to install a complete copy of Windows every two hours, followed by a shutdown. If you’re able to put up with that until the following month, your wallpaper will be revoked and you’ll be warned that your copy of Windows isn’t genuine.

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  2. Swashbuckling58

    Swashbuckling58 TS Rookie

    Well, I already have the windows counterfeit message after the logon screen on my windows 7 beta from today.

    Secondly, windows 7 homepage says ( "You don't need to rush to get the RC. The RC will be available at least through July 2009 and we're not limiting the number of product keys, so you have plenty of time."

    While microsoft's technet website says ( "You don’t need to rush to get Windows 7 RC. The RC release will be available at least through June 2009 and we’re not limiting the number of product keys, so you have plenty of time."

    In reality, windows 7 rc download is ONLY available for TECHNET PLUS users now. Which costs atleast 149$ annually. So, I guess people who want to get windws 7 rc now would have to download it from torrents and then there is the story of Malware found in counterfeit copies of Windows 7 RC (
  3. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    why nobody can enjoy a free software?
    is it cause there is people working hard to program that software or what?
  4. I'm not on TECHNET and I'm downloading the Win 7 RC right NOW using just my live ID to login.

    I'll replace the build 7000 beta tonight, which I have to say has been running very well on my old Shuttle XPC, a Pentium 4C 2.8Ghz, 1Gb RAM, WD Raptor (original SATA150 version).
  5. Swashbuckling58, I've been using Windows 7 RC and I sure as hell ain't a technet user and did not have to pay a cent.... what are you talking about?
  6. Swashbuckling58

    Swashbuckling58 TS Rookie

    Yea before It was free to download since May 5, 2009 but not anymore. Check technet site now
  7. NeoFlux

    NeoFlux TS Booster Posts: 99   +11

    Just checked, RC download link is in place and working ....
  8. Swashbuckling58

    Swashbuckling58 TS Rookie

    Yea, it is working today but yesterday it wasn't the case
  9. Zeromus

    Zeromus TS Booster Posts: 224   +7

    So glad I have the August 2010 version.
  10. Been using Win7 RC on an old HP nX9110 Cel 2.8 40G HDD and 1GB ram. seems to be running alright so far. Maybe it might be alright on a netbook ???
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