Big Burner Problems

By columbia
Dec 4, 2006
  1. Hi all. I'm running Windows XP with a Sony CD-RW and a Writemaster DVD-RW. All was fine until yesterday. I wanted to burn a document from My Documents and right clicked on it to send to my CD-RW drive. Instead of the usual "You have files waiting to be burned to CD" I got a "Please insert a disc into the drive" message. That's never happened before. I put a disc into the drive and opened the drive window. There was a message telling me the disc was write protected (it's a brand new unused disc).

    I then restarted the computer to see if it would "sort itself out" and when I right-clicked on the "send-to" instead of both the DVD and CD drives appearing among the options to sen the file to the only drive it said I could send it to was my floppy disc. There was no sign of either the CD-RW or DVD-RW on the list. I then put a music CD into both drives and neither one would play it. I then put a utilities disc into both drives and they could open it no problem.

    I haven't installed any new hardware or software recently that might have interfered and when I tried system restore it put the CD-RW back on the list but still told me a blank disc was write protected.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated because I'm a bit of a computer dumb-***.

  2. Tmagic650

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    I think it's time to buy a new burner. Lite-On CD/DVD burners out last Sony all the time. In fact, most burners will out last Sony burners. A defective CD rom/ burner can cause another CD rom/burner on the same channel to appear bad
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