BIOS does not recognize RAM

By gqusaf
Jan 13, 2008
  1. Hi - I have a Giga-Byte GA-K8NSC939 mother board that I had to replace the RAM on (the KingMax 1 GB DDR-400 stick was apparently going bad). I replaced it with 4 identical 1 GB G. Skill DDR 400 PC3200 ram...when I boot up, BIOS ops up saying that I have 512 MB RAM, but then goes on to recoginze that Dual-Channel is enabled. Is it possible for the entire memory module to go bad...I keep on getting a blue screen too, and when I run windows debugger, the code point to memory issues. (I run Windows XP Pro on this machine).
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  3. gqusaf

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    I tried it, same thing. When the machine boots up, the BIOS reports 512 MB, but Windows recognizes 2.0 MB. I keep getting the blue screen of death (BAD_POOL_CALLER), which like I mentioned beofre, Windows Debugger pointed to a memory problem. It did this with the old RAM as well. Another thing...I used the highly-recommended Crucial RAM scanner (, and both with the old RAm and the new RAM, the scanner does not recognize any RAM being present (it reports all 4 slots to be empty).
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    It sounded like nothing wrong with your rams even the ones you had replaced. Have you considered it may be the mobo?
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    It does sound like the Northbridge could be on vacation.
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    it is possible you have a bad ram slot.
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