BioShock 2 Graphics Performance In-depth

By Julio Franco
Feb 16, 2010
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  1. How about the 3850/3870 on high? I didn't seem to notice those on the high quality benchmark settings. Back when I played Bioshock, it seemed i got smooth enough framerates at 3850 (at 1280x1024). So I'll just note that if people still have the 3850/3870 and still have a 19 inch 4:3 monitor, it should still be very playable on high quality.
  2. zizzi

    zizzi TS Rookie

    I am running this game on E6600 @ 2.7 gig (100% cpu usage!!!!)
    a crt monitor that has no use so stiil new picture and a 7600gt gpu.
    It looks ace , runs on max settings and doesnt lag. .
    1920 x ??
    Who needs it! I guess you don't miss what you never had!
    As you can guess I game on a budget of recovered then
    cheaply tweaked hardware.
    I enjoyed the game immensely ...

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