Black screen after Boot on Windows XP.

By Integra0057
Dec 22, 2008
  1. This is a seperate topic than my Local area connection problem 2 different computers. Not to long ago someone in my household was using my computer in which they received a "so called" update for MS to update something a sound related in which i get on the computer later to it freezing up and eventually blue screening....had to do system restore in which not much time later a system 32 folder starts popping up everytime i log in. Recently had to purchase a new mouse in which it required a driver be installed worked fine till a couple days later i try to click internet explorer and nothing happens restart the computer boots up to where its saying windows xp is loading and it loads into the screen where your supposed to log in and it sits at a black screen...tryed going in under F8 safe mode and there is no option no start menu or anything....My friend has the computer and said that it is saying there is no harddrive there when there is????
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