Black Screen after installing Win XP

By Green Beret
Dec 7, 2008
  1. Hi all;

    for couples of days I'm tying to solve the problem happened with my Laptop (acer TM 2480) .

    The problem is :

    I formatted my win drive (c:) using Win Sp 2 and I installed that Win Sp2 on my computer , after that , I put m acer cd for drivers and everything was done excellently. But , when I made a restart for a couples of times the black screen came up instead of my Win Xp screen ( that screen before Log On Win XP ).

    I thought the problem happened when I installed some programs on , but the problem wasn't from them since I leaved my computer without programs and black screen came up again . However, I tried to get into my safe mode screen and he get into it . I restore my windows for the check point , but when I shut down my computer and open it again ( the black screen came up again ):dead:

    I formatted my C: again and installed the window again and again ....etc , I tried to changed my Win Sp 2 cd but I couldn't find a new one in this time .

    I called my friend and he told me may be the problem with the driver of your VGA Card i your PC . May be the problem with your screen card . I don't know how to check it up .


    I need help pLzzz
  2. Kaorichan2009

    Kaorichan2009 TS Enthusiast Posts: 68

    this looks simular to my failing hard drive.
    the black screen is a bsod but it wont show.
    the only way i fixed mine was deleting a faulty MSN.
    X_X the way yours looks... you need a new HDD i think... ._.;;
    Im planning on getting one too.
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